Good news, everyone!

We’re pleased to say that you can now choose Windows Server 2012 on your servers with Melbourne and our self-service cloud hosting platform, Serverlove.

Built for the cloud

Amongst the improvements, Windows Server 2012 makes it easier and cheaper to deploy private hosted desktops and take your office networks into the cloud. Using the new Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, setting up load-balanced and high-availability private hosted desktops is much simpler. Hyper-V 3 improvements mean that networks can be extended into the cloud and live cloud machines migrated more easily.

Other cloud-related improvements mean it’s easier to manage private cloud through centralised SSL certificates and the new Storage Spaces mean you can easily pool physical disks to create resilient and flexible storage arrays. A far cry from the days of Fdisk!

Optimised for web apps

For app developers, the new Internet Information Services offers CPU throttling, enabling fully sandboxed web apps and improved DoS protection. It also supports WebSockets, facilitating live content and the creation of real-time games.

More Windows for less

And in more good news: the cost of a Windows Server 2012 license is 15% less than the equivalent version of Windows Server 2008, but contains all the same features.

So, if you fancy a spanking new box with the latest server software from Microsoft, customise and order today, or chat to your account manager. We also offer it on our UltraVM platform.

Get started with Windows Server 2012 on Serverlove

Naturally, investing in a new server OS isn’t a trivial thing – you’ve got to test all your apps and setups and just get to grips with where everything is on screen. That’s why we’re also offering Windows Server 2012 on Serverlove. Using one of our pre-installed templates, you can instantly create a Windows Server 2012 cloud server with no long-term commitment – making it ideal for testing an application as well as creating solutions that scale quickly to meet demand (like we did for Amir Khan).

So, sign-up to Serverlove and fire up a Windows Server 2012 cloud server today – we’ll even double your free trial all month if you’re trialling Windows – just use code SLHNY30 (limited time only).

Will you be upgrading to Windows Server 2012? What’s your most useful tip or link? Share them in the comments and we’ll write them up in another blog post.

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