There’s something we’ve been saying for a long time and our existing customers will be reassured to know it’s been absorbed by colleagues in the group.

It’s that we sell peace of mind.

That means our goal is to take care of our customers’ hosting, so they can focus on growing their business.

We’ve also billed ourselves as being a technically-led company, without sales spiel or a “used car salesman” approach.

I think that’s why cloud comparison site Compare the Cloud liked this winning pitch for the subject “Tell my why I should use your Cloud in 150 words”

“Contrary to general marketing puff, the cloud is not some sort of mystical ethereal panacea for all of IT’s problems. It physically exists and it exists in the data centre. And we own seven of them. We foresaw the emergence of the ‘cloud’ over eight years ago, and have invested millions of pounds in building a cloud capability from physical bricks and mortar upwards. We offer high availability cloud services, across multiple DC sites, connected to one fibre network, supported 24×7. The benefits are clear. No legacy operations, practices, cookie cutter services or reliance on third parties. The result of this ‘one throat to choke’ approach is that we are totally accountable to you. No cloudwash. Tell us what you need/want and we’ll tailor a solution to suit you and then back it with industry leading SLA guarantees. We don’t sell ‘cloud this or that’, we sell peace of mind.”

Simple and factual. Kind of makes you want to buy a cloud server from us, right? 😉

How would you describe the cloud in 150 words? Drop a comment below!

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