5 January 2018

What Good Looks Like

digital-transformation-what-good-looks-like.jpgDo you know what good looks like when it comes to planning your future IT state? You would be amazed how many businesses don’t.  Often they know what they want to move away from, but may not have too clear a view on what is best to move towards.

Whatever transformation and innovation you have planned in 2018 it needs to be underpinned by a solid, reliable, sometimes innovative and ideally scalable IT platform. Ensuring that you get that right is what we believe is most important as the New Year gets underway.

As more organisations choose to move out of their own data centres, they endeavour to make cost savings and modernise the way they deliver services. This can create a dilemma – how to move legacy equipment and applications to a new environment that encompasses the new and the old.

An organisation that’s got ageing systems reaching end-of-life may try to fix these in isolation rather than looking at a whole new strategic approach to their infrastructure that addresses the key business drivers. The result can be a tangle of suppliers, services and commercial models that not only, do not complement each other, but can block or delay future changes in direction.

At iomart we work strategically with our customers to help them plan and build a secure and stable IT environment that addresses not only their existing issues but looks ahead to where they want to be. We take the long term view and not the short-term. 

Here is a summary of two of the many projects we worked on with our customers in 2017:

  1. A private cloud platform for a major third sector organisation

This charity was looking to transform the delivery of its IT services to support its new corporate objectives which were to drive technological change and improve digital interaction while being commercially viable – essentially doing more for less.  Yet if not thought through, this transformation project had the potential to leave them managing a number of diverse providers for services such as backup, Disaster Recovery and connectivity.

By working with them at the strategic level, we were able to deliver and manage the full range of services they needed while moving them to a properly costed OPEX model. This has freed their internal IT team to concentrate on service innovation. They highlighted iomart’s ability to provide:

  • Project management and delivery expertise
  • Quality service management
  • A strategic partnership that supported their corporate objectives
  • Transformation and consultancy expertise
  1. Connectivity and dedicated cloud platform for a financial services company

This business was struggling with shared cloud and multiple points of connectivity through different vendors.

In Phase 1 we built them a dedicated private cloud platform in the UK to serve both their domestic and overseas business.

In Phase 2, which was completed in December 2017, we extended their dedicated cloud into one of our US data centres so they can better serve their US expansion plans.

By working with us they gained a dedicated IT platform that includes:

  • Virtual hosted desktop for 300 staff
  • Fully resilient, fully scalable, multi DC platform and DR solution
  • Management and integration of a legacy Azure environment
  • A dedicated private MPLS network connected to iomart’s global fibre network
  • An extended IT footprint into the US to underpin their future expansion plans

This company now has a commercially scalable IT platform that serves their needs both in the UK and the United States of America, and allows them to incorporate foreign acquisitions quickly. Because we manage the platform, their internal IT teams have been freed up to concentrate on improving the security and quality of the services they provide.

Whether it is hyper cloud, private cloud or a hybrid mix of on and off premise, iomart has the skills and expertise to work with you to deliver the environment that best suits your level of business risk. We know what bad looks like. Let us show you what good looks like and set out your roadmap to get there.

We look forward to building more strategic partnerships with you as you continue to grow and innovate in 2018.

Happy New Year!