Sometimes things go wrong. It’s a fact of life. Mostly we just shrug it off and get on with whatever is in hand. However where your data is concerned something going wrong can end up causing serious damage to your business.

There are numerous ways that data can be lost:

  • Poor security
  • Storage hardware failure
  • Ransomware
  • Natural disaster
  • Human error

The real damage is done when that data cannot be retrieved, when there is no reliable backup strategy in place. This can happen even to the most digitally savvy companies as developers’ start-up GitLab discovered to its cost earlier this year.

According to a recent report in Network Computing downtime can be very damaging for enterprise organisations not only in terms of hitting revenue but also in employee productivity and the cost of fixing the problem.

That’s why it’s important to have a formal approach to backup ingrained in your business strategy. Planning for failure rather than success will help you weather the storm.

Benefits of backup:

  • Strategic protection for business data
  • Fast and painless recovery
  • Improved security
  • Less time spent by internal IT team managing backups
  • Cost control
  • Management peace of mind

Prevention is always easier than recovery so be proactive. Read our guide to backup and Disaster Recovery and don’t wait for disaster to strike before you design your Plan B.

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