TechHub Manchester logoWe’re excited to announce that Melbourne is formally partnering with TechHub Manchester, the community and workspace for tech entrepreneurs in the heart of the city.

I can hardly believe that it’s just been six months since TechHub Manchester opened its doors in the historic Carvers Warehouse and become the home to 43 tech startups. By the end of May it’ll have almost 60 members and have hosted more than 80 events in the brilliant space located in Piccadilly Basin.

We’ve been talking to Doug and Shaun, and the rest of the team behind TechHub ever since they visited us to talk about Tech Britain back in the middle of 2012. As a Manchester-based company that’s firmly technical, we loved their enthusiasm and ambition to strongly establish our city as the place to come and found a tech startup. And having shown what they could do by founding TechHub Manchester in just a few months, running an immensely successful Startup Weekend and bringing together an amazingly vibrant community of entrepreneurs, we knew that it was something we absolutely had to be a part of.

In particular, as the first established local tech company to partner with TechHub Manchester, we wanted to demonstrate our own commitment to the goal of making Manchester a top 5 European startup destination. Twelve years ago, we were a startup being run out of our founder’s uni bedroom and last year, we became part of one of the leading cloud services companies in the UK.

We’re looking forward to working with the members of TechHub to share our expertise in growing a company from small beginnings, creating and maintaining what we think is a warm and successful culture and staying true to our original values when becoming part of a larger organisation. Naturally, we’ll also have a few words to say about the value of good hosting 😛 … but more importantly, we’ll also be sharing the skills and talents of all our staff who work hands-on supporting customers, maintaining complex technology and developing our own products in-house.

I personally have committed to creating a truly open and productive relationship between Melbourne and TechHub Manchester, by being clear that we’re here to be guided by the community about how both of us can make the most of this partnership and achieve the shared goal of making Manchester a top 5 European startup destination (something worth repeating!). Whether that’s by working from the venue and being part of the unique environment that cultures startups, or using our influence in the business community and beyond to promote Manchester, we’re keen to do everything we can to make this happen. And we’ll be learning as we go along.

This afternoon, we’ll be down at TechHub with our friends at Downtown in Business, Manchester, talking to fellow businesses about why we’re involved with TechHub and hopefully encouraging more of them to do the same. There’s a lot that the startup community and more established businesses can learn from each other and especially in technology where, we believe, that constant innovation is the key to growth (not pushy sales!).

I’m really looking forward to the future as a partner for TechHub Manchester and I hope it’s clear why we’re getting involved. As I said, we want to be guided by you so come grab us this afternoon, pop down to our office sometime or leave a comment and let us know how we can make Manchester one of the startup capitals of Europe.

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