It’s been a great start to 2013 here at Melbourne. While we work with a wide range of clients, we’ve especially noticed a rise in a number of e-commerce retailers seeking reliable hosting to power their online campaigns.

Our goal is to give customers peace of mind when it comes to hosting. Whether it’s a Stephen Fry tweet, an e-shot announcing a one-time offer, a major sporting website launch or a TV ad campaign, we aim to make sure that servers stay online throughout. Recently, we were ‘hired’ by Susan Ma, star of BBC’s “The Apprentice”, to provide hosting for her skincare brand, Tropic Skin Care. And we also provided a fully-managed, load balanced solution for Manchester fashion brand AX Paris, which included stress testing their servers to prepare for their current primetime TV ad campaign.

Many exciting retail brands are establishing significant UK and European markets through their growing online presence and we’re delighted that so many of them are turning to us for reliable, round-the-clock support.

And now, we’re looking for talented people to join the Melbourne family and help support our continuing growth.

Melbourne is a unique place to work. We’re the kind of company that believes that by investing in our staff, we’ll be able to give our best service to customers. That’s why we’re kind of like a big – slightly strange – family. That doesn’t mean it’s easy-going; we expect a lot. But we give a lot back in return. That’s what makes us one of the most fun, creative and forward-thinking tech companies in the UK.

So what do you think? Want to come and join the family and be a part of the Melbourne story? Check out our careers page and get in touch.

Melbourne staff

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