We love it when people come to visit us. Every time I welcome someone in, the impact reminds me of the first time that I walked into what we affectionately describe as our “home”.

And now, thanks to our friends at 360 Spin, you can now step through our Melbourne home on Google Street View. Come in and take a look around.

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Our home is something that we all helped design – from the very first chat about the design in the pub, through to laying the cables and lugging desks around over a weekend.

For us, our offices are an embodiment of the way we do things. Treating people the right way to get the best out of them and involving everyone. Because if we look after our staff, it means we’re able to look after our customers as best as we can.

This hasn’t gone unnoticed by the media either – we’ve been in the Guardian and voted one of the Top 10 coolest offices in the UK by the Telegraph – and we’re hoping this inspires other businesses to think differently about their workspace.

Of course, whilst a number of our customers are nearby and can drop in easily, we work with people all over the world. And whilst you’re welcome to make a flying visit anytime, we decided to bring our home to you through the magic of Google Street View.

This wouldn’t’ve been possible without Nicola and Malcolm at 360 Spin, who are Google’s Trusted Photographer in Manchester. If you want your business, store or campus to be included in Streetview, then they’re the people to call on 0161 610 9360.

By the way, we’ve stuck a few ‘Easter Eggs’ around the place. If you find one, drop a comment below. And if someone gets all of them, maybe they’ll get a little something from Santa a bit early!

Josh @ Melbourne