We’ve recently installed a Music Amnesty box in the in-door garden to let all staff bring in their unwanted CDs, DVDs and Games to send to Forever Manchester.

‘Manchester is all about the music right? Some of the best bands in history are from our city and its mighty boroughs. And us Mancs are all too cool for school of course, you’d never find a dodgy CD on our shelf right?

Everyone is allowed a Guilty Pleasure in life, that’s a given, but if there are one too many on your shelf, and some that even enter into ‘disgrace’ territory, then Forever Manchester is here to help with our Manchester Music Amnesty.

Here’s the deal.

Go through your collection of CDs, games and videos and quietly remove anything that might embarrass or downright disgrace should a guest to your home clock it on your shelf.

  1. Stealthily put all offensive items (so long as they are in good condition, and have a barcode on them) into any kind of bag to protect your credibility in time of transfer
  2. Speedily drop them into a Forever Manchester Music Amnesty collection box either at your office, at the Forever Manchester Office on Deansgate or in any other of the drop off points listed on our website at www.forevermanchester.com/musicamnesty
  3. Dust yourself off and regain confident Manc swagger on way home
  4. Do a final check to ensure all such items are also deleted from your iTunes to prevent any future disaster

The best news is that your bad music choices will then be turned into hard cash for Forever Manchester, which we will give back to people in your local communities who have ideas for how they can improve where you live.’