Two Years On From WannaCry

Two years ago one of the biggest global ransomware attacks took place. In what seemed to be a co-ordinated attack, WannaCry malware encrypted computers in hundreds of countries.In the UK, the NHS was hardest hit, with operations and GP appointments having to be cancelled. While the ultimate target of attackers is often money, the data they lock away affects so many of the services we deliver that it can have substantial real-life consequences.

Even though the trend is moving downwards, ransomware is still one of the most common threats out there – in recent months huge companies like Maersk and Norsk Hydro have fallen victim.

Having a robust backup strategy should therefore be an integral part of defending against ransomware. Organisations that have off-site backup and routinely test their restore procedures are much less likely to come to harm.

Here’s how backup fits into an effective defence against ransomware:

  1. Have up-to-date anti-virus installed: data from anti-virus software can provide early evidence of a ransomware attack.
  2. Patch software regularly: third party software can be exploited by attackers if it’s not routinely patched.
  3. Backup to a physically and securely isolated external source: network file servers are more at risk than those in the cloud because of the connected file directory architecture behind them. Protect them by having a backup in a separate location or system.
  4. Do regular backups: daily and even hourly backups will enhance protection.
  5. Test your restore procedure: a backup that can’t be restored is no use.
  6. Control access protocols: keep strict procedures for who can do what on your network.
  7. Provide regular security training for staff: educate them about the risks of clicking on links and attachments.

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