Both Microsoft and Amazon have announced that they’re going to bring their public cloud offerings onto UK soil. Azure and AWS will become available from UK-based data centres in the next couple of years.

At the company’s Future Decoded event last week, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella unveiled plans to build two data centres, allowing it to offer Azure and Office 365 to customers with the surety that their data will be kept within UK territory. This followed the Amazon announcement that AWS will launch a UK region by early 2017.

The news that both services will be available from data centres in the UK is a great opportunity for organisations that have been previously reluctant to embrace public cloud. Speaking to the Future Decoded audience, the Ministry of Defence’s Chief Digital and Information Officer Mike Stone described Microsoft’s plans as “an exciting development” and one that would help the MoD transform its digital services.

For financial services, banking and the public sector this takes away one of the main barriers to their adoption of public cloud.  With reassurance around data sovereignty and the expectation of improved latency this could be the shot in the arm that those sectors have been waiting for.

However another barrier does remain and that is around the expertise and skills needed to take those organisations safely there. Migrating your organisation and then managing those public cloud services can be complicated at best, and particularly if you do not possess the expertise in-house. This is why using trained technicians who can provide strategic guidance on bespoke public, private and hybrid solutions but who can also help you plan how you approach a move to the cloud can be invaluable.

It’s about understanding the compliance landscape, working out how legacy infrastructure can be complemented by public cloud and where a private cloud solution might be the best fit. These are important conversations that need to be had before the first step is taken.

Through our expertise in AWS and Azure; our relationships with Microsoft and Amazon; and over 15 years of experience delivering high quality managed services, we can help you make these important decisions.

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