29 September 2016

The Inspection Manager

We want organisations that choose to use us to know that their data will be fully protected. Melbourne helps us tick all the boxes when we’re talking to potential new clients.

Who are you?

I’m Lee Martin, partner and software developer at The Inspection Manager

The Company

The Inspection Manager (TIM) is software which is downloaded as an app and allows its users to carry out surveys, site inspections, audits and asset management reports using smart phones or tablets. We developed the application six years ago to offer our clients seamless integration from the device to the office desktop.

Tell us more.

Completing reports by pen and paper or by voice recordings is time-consuming as you have to duplicate that information and add images to produce the same report back at the office. Using TIM drastically improves the reporting process, offering significant time and cost savings by recording the data onsite in real–time. The data is collected and formatted in a standard way but uses bespoke electronic templates which we design to each client’s specific requirements while incorporating health and safety and compliance procedures.

We have approximately 500 customers across the construction, civil engineering, property, facilities management, utilities and logistic sectors currently using the app. It is available on Android smart phones and tablets, iPhones and iPads and on Windows 8 devices.

How did you come to Melbourne?

We were with another hosting company but found that the tech support it gave us wasn’t very good when any issues cropped up. At one stage there was some flooding and our hosting went down, we tried to find out what was happening but they wouldn’t communicate with us. It was incredibly frustrating. Thankfully we found Melbourne and got a much better hosting relationship from the off.

Why is it important that your data is stored with Melbourne?

It is hugely important that our clients know that their data is stored securely. We have files of data with hundreds of photographic images. Melbourne hosts both our database and two websites.

As many as 5000 reports are submitted from the TIM app via our website to the Melbourne servers every month. The data is converted into a pdf via the website and the client can download it from there. All the documents are backed up to fully encrypted and secure cloud based servers.

We have managed dedicated hosting on a Dell R320 dedicated server with Melbourne and our own Ultra Vault backup device. The servers sit behind an Enterprise-class firewall and the data is backed up twice a day to two separate locations.

The response time from Melbourne is the best. Having a managed service works really well. Whenever we need updates restoring, a reboot or a patch installing Melbourne will schedule it for the middle of the night or at a set time that I have asked for.

How have you grown with Melbourne?

We’ve gone from using a VM system with a dedicated smaller machine to a much larger dedicated server with a separate dedicated backup. We’ve also got Network Attached Storage with a separate storage location for different types of backups which gives us a faster connection rather than going through the restore process.

What’s your relationship with Melbourne like?

We have a great relationship with Melbourne. If we have a problem with our server they’ve usually phoned me before we have even realised something’s up. If you call or send an email and it’s urgent they will answer straight away, even during the night on a weekend. Whenever we need something new like backup servers for instance, they will deal with it straight away.

What about the future?

Our company is growing rapidly, with clients ranging from national companies to multi branch offices, all of whom can see the huge cost and time savings to be gained by using the TIM app.

It is vitally important to our clients that we have a robust and secure dedicated hosting partner and enterprise-class firewalls. We are often asked about the hosting we use so we highlight this in the FAQs page on our website. We want organisations that choose to use us to know that their data will be fully protected. Melbourne helps us tick all the boxes when we’re talking to potential new clients.