An extremely important part of every working day for me is networking or planning my next networking event, I find it both interesting to learn new things and new people and also invaluable when it comes to generating leads and opportunities to grow the business.

Whether it is attending morning/daytime events or evening events, I’ll always make time to chat to new people in Manchester and see who I can trust to do business with. Its also equally important to keep up those existing relationships so catching up with regular contacts is vital.

I met someone recently who said that they simply don’t have time to network, my response was to MAKE TIME. There are so many groups to choose from such as Manchester Digital, Downtown In Business, Creative Pro Manchester, Northern Soho, CING, Forever Manchester 1st Fridays, MoMoMcr, TwitFaced and BLAB nights… I’m also a member of a local B4B group and monthly attendee of the Business Network which are all fantastic.

Many of these are mentioned/organised on social media (twitter mainly) so you can find out which ones we’re going to by following me (@Marsh80) or Melbourne (@MelbourneHost).

Chris Marsh
Commercial Manager