4 March 2015

The future of etail

We love it when our customers shake things up and that’s what technology start-up Flubit is doing in the world of online retail.

Flubit is out to change the way we buy online and challenge Amazon’s dominance. Through its unique demand led e-commerce platform it creates better prices for online shoppers. You just find the product you want on Amazon.co.uk, paste the link into the Flubit.com website and a better offer is created for you via its network of integrated merchants.

Melbourne has been with Flubit all the way. From the initial BETA and start-up phase to the present, where Flubit has secured its first major partnership with Barclaycard’s Bespoke Offers.

Our tech whizzes have helped Flubit move its platform from shared hosting to a private cloud; created a DMZ (demilitarised zone) and brought in Two Tier Authentication to beef up security; as well as introducing the Flubit team to a new technology called Galera to solve issues it was having with data latency.

As Aaron Beadle, Head of Infrastructure and Technology for Flubit, says, “For me you have to look at the bigger picture with your hosting provider not just the cost. You have to look at your confidence in their team, your confidence in their support and Melbourne give you all of that.”

We’re proud to be considered part of the Flubit team on its journey to etail success.

Read the full case study here.