TheCloudinOilandGas-3.jpgImproved efficiency and cost effectiveness are the two phrases that define how cloud computing can help businesses move forward, particularly in times of harsh economic reality.

As oil prices remain low, those involved in the industry are investigating innovative ways to reduce expenditure. IT outsourcing has for a long time been used as a way of reducing operating costs. For long term operational sustainability, oil and gas companies should consider consolidating their supplier lists and implementing cloud-based services and solutions to drive savings and efficiency. Selecting an innovative and compliant cloud provider can ensure you retain your competitive edge while being ready to scale back up as and when the market improves.

It’s perhaps no surprise that the move to use cloud services of any kind has increased in the past few years. The chance to pay monthly for services that previously would have required major capital investment is highly attractive. Cloud providers can offer organisations the secure and reliable environments, technical skills and round-the-clock service that is becoming increasingly expensive to have in-house.

To organisations that are managing vast amounts of data and especially those with offices in different cities and countries, the cloud offers a fantastic resource.  Data can be transmitted, analysed and shared quickly across multiple locations.

For project managers in sectors such as the oil & gas industry which has historically looked to private cloud first because of security concerns, the current instability in the market means there is a growing receptiveness to all cloud technologies whether they be public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud.

As Jon Olson, head of the Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering Department at the University of Texas-Austin, told Reuters, “We think this slowdown will actually be a plus for technology research and development.”

What does the cloud offer that having your own data centre cannot? It allows freedom. Freedom to make quick decisions about innovation through software; freedom to encourage collaboration with business partners and suppliers; freedom to test services before over-committing to them; freedom to find efficiencies while still maintaining performance; and freedom to deploy staff and resources where they are most needed.    

The ability to encourage effective collaboration is important when making the decision about which Cloud Service Provider to work with. Do they meet your high standards for service through their SLAs? Are their security practices in line with your own? Do they offer the comprehensive technical support that allows you to manage the overall cloud strategy without worrying about the detail of the delivery? Above all, are they experts in what they deliver too?

The Oil and Gas Council has admitted previously that although the industry stands most to gain from cloud technologies “the adoption rate within Oil & Gas is slower than other sectors.” It has encouraged take up of cloud technologies, taking the view that “Cloud systems make better use of technology, sharing infrastructure amongst multiple users and offices, offering a greater level of scalability and reducing the ongoing cost of implementation and continual development.”

An IDC Energy Insights report also concluded that “Forward-looking energy companies seeking to deploy cloud services are finding that they need to engage with services firms to help them define a cloud strategy and understand how to construct contracts that have the right service-level agreements.”

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