As many smaller businesses look to the cloud, and departments within bigger companies turn to potentially different cloud solutions, there is a growing awareness that the journey is not always smooth – in fact it can turn out to be costly and complex.

A sprawling IT estate can become a real challenge. Control over and secure access to varying resources becomes critical, and applications need to be optimised to perform in the new environment?

Scalability, availability and cost efficiency are often the reasons for utilising cloud services – the ability to access a secure cloud without having to build a completely new and complex platform means developers can get to work without affecting the main production site or incurring prohibitive costs.

This is where iomart’s agnostic approach to the cloud comes in. By avoiding being tied into a particular technology and investing instead in expertise across the spectrum, we can offer our customers solutions at the price point that best suits their requirements. 

We now offer a turnkey OnApp cloud platform that provides a highly automated platform for cloud, using different virtualisation technologies. Our ‘cloud-in-a-box’ can be managed or unmanaged and hosted in iomart’s data centres or on premise and it’s available at a fixed price with effective management through a single user interface.

The benefits are:

  • Easy to manage – no requirement for certified staff
  • Cost effective – whether on-premise or hosted
  • Ideal for virtualisation projects – consolidate on to a smaller hardware footprint
  • Powered by Intel – best-of-breed hardware
  • Secure – option for management by UK’s most accredited managed service provider

This system can help leverage new and existing resources so you are never held back by being restricted to using only certain storage or network systems at any one time. It means applications, both legacy and new, can be optimised for performance.

That’s why we concentrate on offering the fullest range of cloud propositions to fit all sizes of business and to answer to all manner of IT management challenges. Effective cloud can be delivered without it becoming unmanageable.

By Neil Christie, Commercial Director, iomart.

iomart has partnered with OnApp to offer a cloud-in-a-box solution on a ‘try before you’ basis. To find out more click here.