According to PwC and Gartner, it’ll be the norm by 2020 to have your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) hosted in a hybrid environment, while by 2025 half of all large enterprises will be running their core ERP systems in the cloud.

Why? Because IT managers won’t want to be spending time managing and maintaining infrastructure; instead they’ll want to be concentrating on developing processes and applications that help their businesses remain competitive.

ERP software was designed to help manufacturing companies. Traditionally it has been hosted on servers, on the company’s premises, which are owned and operated by the business itself.  At some stage an on premise ERP system will require faster processors and more storage, which comes with a cost. Also, as pressure intensifies to make production processes more efficient, there comes a need to use the growing amounts of data being produced by the business in better ways. As a result many manufacturing companies have looked to the cloud for an answer.

There are two options: ERP as a Service, where the software resides in the cloud and is accessed via the internet; or Cloud Hosted ERP where the software is hosted on secure servers in a third party data centre operated by a cloud provider.

iomart specialises in hosted ERP. This allows our customers to adapt their ERP solution according to their needs whilst hosting it on highly secure, ISO accredited infrastructure.

The benefits our customers see as a result include scalability, reliability and costs savings.

  • No hardware setup. No server maintenance. Automatic upgrades.
  • Secure hosting infrastructure protected by the cloud provider.
  • Remote access enabled from multiple locations on a range of devices.
  • Secure sign-in allows the ERP software to be customised.
  • Data can easily be extracted for Business Intelligence purposes in real time.
  • Resources can be scaled as and when they’re needed.
  • Guaranteed uptime and solid Service Level Agreements.
  • Business agility baked in so it’s easy to adapt to changing market conditions.

As a manufacturing business grows, one of the biggest challenges is how to maintain efficiency. This can put pressure on an ERP system as demand increases for more insight from the data the business has.   At iomart we take the responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the servers and data centre off your hands and we manage the connectivity, security and access on your behalf.

That’s why Exel Computer Systems’ chose iomart to provide secure and cost effective cloud hosting for it’s industry leading ERP software EFACS E/8.  


iomart and Exel will be exhibiting at the Smart Factory Expo as part of the Digital Manufacturing Week at the Livepool Exhibition Centre 13-14 November.     Exel will be showcasing their EFACS E/8 ERP solution available On-Premise or as a Cloud Solution hosted in iomart’s state-of-the-art UK Data Centres. 

If you are attending the Smart Factory Expo visit stand B16 to discuss your digital transformation, cloud and ERP requirements.   

Make sure you ask us about the potential for 50% project match funding, made available via the government’s ‘Made Smarter’ scheme.

Pre-book a meeting with the iomart and Exel team and you will be entered into a prize draw for a £50 Amazon Gift Card.    You can book a meeting by entering your details here

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