iomart is delighted to be supporting Cyber Scotland Week 2021. Cyber Scotland Week is a fantastic opportunity for you to learn how to stay secure online, protect your business and make your employees cyber aware.

Why is Cyber Security an important issue for everyone?

Cyber crime is on the rise. It not only threatens the organisations we work for, it affects us as individuals, particularly as many of us are now accessing our working environment from home. Gone are the days of simply implementing a firewall or antivirus software. Information security is a multi-layered affair and no longer just a matter for the IT department. We all have a responsibility to protect ourselves online and ensure our information is secure.

The organisers of Cyber Scotland Week have highlighted six key reasons why cyber security is increasingly important:

  1. The rise in cyber attacks during the pandemic is significant. Cyber criminals have taken advantage as we have spent more time online, working at home, home schooling, shopping, banking, communicating and socialising with each other more than ever on the internet.
  2. The rising cost of cyber crime. An estimated £190k is being lost to cyber criminals every day in the UK. The average cost of a data breach for a larger firm is estimated at £20,000. In reality though the impact can be much greater – a data breach can stop your business operating and inflict serious reputational damage.
  3. The availability of hacking tools means that there is a growing threat from less skilled individuals who turn to hacking. The wide availability of these tools means that cyber crime is no longer the domain of experienced and expert hackers, anyone can do it.
  4. Smart devices – while they might make our lives easier, they present their own security risks by offering another route to our data.
  5. Sophisticated hackers have a lot to gain from successful data breaches. There are plenty of examples of well-funded cyber-attacks against well-known companies and organisations which have had an impact on their customers.
  6. Under the GDPR companies and organisations are urged to invest in cyber security to protect their customers and users. One of the key requirements of the regulation is for organisations to implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect personal data, regularly review controls, plus detect, investigate and report breaches.

Cyber Scotland Week is your opportunity to learn more by attending a range of great virtual events from the 22nd to 28th of February 2021.

There are a range of industry events for:

  • Businesses and organisations
  • Education
  • Public sector
  • Third sector
  • Individuals
  • Cyber industry

iomart’s Consulting Director Nick Martin has worked with organisations across the public and private sector during the current pandemic, helping them with the security challenges they have faced during the move to remote working. He is hosting a session for Cyber Scotland Week called “How to Align Cyber Security With Your Digital Ambitions” on Tuesday 23rd February at 11am.

This webinar is ideal for businesses and organisations that want to understand how to update their approach to cyber security. It’s a half hour online session, during which Nick will highlight the new threats that exist and explain how to build a new security model that will protect your business and your people. Book your place for what should be a fascinating session by filling in the registration form.

We recently commissioned a report on attitudes to cyber security by business professionals. You can download our Cyber Security Insights Report here.

To find out more about the many other events taking place during Cyber Scotland Week click here .

There are also plenty of useful resources on the Scottish Government website.