We love helping people to develop their careers at iomart.

Isa joined us as an apprentice and now works in our marketing team. He’s one of a number of young people who we’ve been delighted to help take their first steps in the cloud computing industry.

How long have you worked at iomart?

I’ve been working for iomart’s Cristie Data brand since October 2019. I started as a digital marketing apprentice and after successful completion of my course, I moved into a permanent digital marketing role.

What does your day-to-day job involve?

No day is the same. One day I can be working on the planning or execution of marketing campaigns and helping our Business Development Managers increase their pipeline, whereas the next I could be creating new engaging content to support our brand.

Tell us about your iomart journey so far.

It’s definitely not what I expected, that’s for sure. My first six months gave me a really good insight into the IT industry and what it’s like to work in a large organisation. Then boom, COVID hit… Although the bones of the business stayed the same, working from home and continuous Teams calls really changed the way we worked together. iomart dealt with this amazingly well and the benefits they offer around flexible working really helped.

How has iomart supported your development?

After passing my Digital Marketing Apprenticeship, I wanted to push myself with a new challenge and after finding out iomart were able to fund an Open University degree, I couldn’t think of a better option to take advantage of!

Young man sitting at computer desk holding an Open University prospectusen Uni

With help from the Organisational Development team, the application process was swift and easy. I started my Business Management (Marketing) degree last month and it couldn’t be more exciting!

Why did you want to work for iomart?

Ultimately, I wanted to kick-start my career in marketing and with IT’s rapid growth, I wanted to be a part of the tech industry. iomart is a UK leader in cloud computing so just getting my foot in the door was a big win for me.

What is the best thing about working for iomart?

I’ve had an interest in marketing for a while and doing the job for a company that’s listed on the London Stock Exchange doesn’t sound too bad does it? Joining a business which offers so many benefits is also a big plus. I mean free breakfast is quite nice and I won’t even start about the Christmas parties! In all seriousness though, iomart are extremely supportive about helping me to develop my skills. It’s great working with the wider Group marketing team because you don’t have to rely on yourself to do everything and you share an equal responsibility.

What advice would you give to someone who was thinking of joining iomart?

I’m a big believer in doing what you want to do and developing yourself. If you want to learn and do a job which will actually impact a company, iomart is the place to be. Be yourself, help where you can and keep smiling. You will be appreciated.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work?

Top three things would have to be sports, smoking cigars and hiking. I’m fortunate enough to have travelled to a lot of countries and been on the most spectacular hikes! Here’s me posing at Lake Louise in Canada ?

Young man in checked shirt standing in front of beautiful lake and mountains in Canada.

I’ve also been boxing for over two years now and even competed in two fights, winning one and drawing in the other. Lastly, smoking cigars because sometimes, you just need to chill…


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