A broken website isn’t great at any time, but when you’re preparing for Black Friday – the busiest online shopping event of the year – it’s a retail nightmare.

UK consumers are predicted to spend £2.53bn this Black Friday (Retail Gazette 2019). Most stores will experience anything between a five and ten fold increase in traffic in the week running up to the day.

If you’ve primed your website for action, you can sit back and watch the orders roll in. If not then there could be trouble ahead.

Plan ahead

Some of the biggest stores have struggled with the online demand of Black Friday. J.Crew’s website went down for several hours during last year’s November extravaganza, costing them an estimated $700,000 in lost sales, while shoppers visiting the websites of other big brands such as Lululemon and Walmart turned to social media to vent their frustration at being unable to complete their purchases. 

There is still time to make optimisations to your store and book additional resources, contact us today.

If you want to discuss capacity planning and website optimisation ahead of the busy Christmas period, or you’re already thinking about next year, get in touch and we can help you make the right plans to get those online orders flooding in.

Pre-book resource

Too many requests at once could crash your website if it can’t scale. Preparing for Black Friday means being ahead of the increase in traffic, not behind it. Pre-booking resources is essential for this unique sales weekend.

Through our expert ecommerce brand Sonassi we help many etailers plan extensively for peak times like this. We don’t want your stores to be overwhelmed any more than you do. We ensure they can access as much extra capacity as they need. By pre-booking additional resources ahead of time you enjoy significant savings and can rest at ease when it comes to the peak-time surge.

Use auto-scaling all year round

We also provide auto-scaling, which is great to have enabled year round. This is where your stack will add extra capacity for your website on-demand. If you experience a sudden spike in traffic our automated intelligent system decides when to add more capacity to your stack. You don’t have to do a thing. It has the power to add massive additional capacity automatically and then scale it back down when the traffic surge is over. Even better – it costs just a couple of pounds an hour.

Responsible Commerce

Trust and customer loyalty are built from consistently doing the right thing. As part of the iomart Responsible Commerce programme, we partner with merchants to deliver speed, scalability and security throughout the entire lifetime of your store.

We work with you to drive long-term success through implementing industry-leading best practices.

If you would like to talk to us about responsible commerce call 0800 040 7228, email info@iomart.com or fill in our quote request form.