A group of young people were gathered by some sports pitches near our offices earlier this week, avidly staring into their smartphones while walking around. Augmented reality mobile app Pokemon GO had finally launched in the UK and they were out looking for a PokeStop.

The launch of the biggest thing in AR had been delayed here initially because of worries that demand for the game would exceed the ability of servers to cope after players in Australia experienced difficulty downloading it.

Pokemon GO reflects the problems that any mobile app developer and online gaming or streaming company has when going to market with a product or service. Are my users/players actually going to be able to access it?

Online gamers and the smartphone generation want rich, engaging and immersive content. Data centre infrastructure, high performance servers, optimised connectivity, minimal latency and storage capacity are the food and drink of these services. Online gaming host Multiplay understands this. They work with the world’s biggest publishers and independent developers to bring their games to the online market.

iomart’s dedicated hosting brand RapidSwitch provides mission-critical enterprise hosting for the most demanding applications and platforms whether for its gaming companies like Multiplay or live streaming companies. Multiplay can scale up on-demand with servers prepared and ready to go.

The CEO of Niantic Labs who developed Pokemon GO admitted that he didn’t expect it to become such a success so early. And that’s the crux of the issue. It’s about being prepared for success so when launch day comes, you’re not snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

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