18 October 2012

Peer with us!

Recently, John Souter of LINX has announced that IXManchester had hit the 2 Gbit/second mark for traffic exchanged between peers.

This is a milestone worth noting in at least a small way. As we’ve mentioned before, IXManchester represents a community of regional ISPs that came together earlier this year to tackle the problem of the UK’s congested internet connectivity by swapping data between their networks locally – rather than sending it down busy pipes to London, only for it to come back up north.

It’s something we’re proud to be a part of and it’s great that Manchester Digital have also now shown their support. The technology is working and the community is working together – as it should be.

So let’s join up and make things even better. Peer with us! We operate AS39451 with an open peering policy and also peer with the IX Manchester route reflector. Feel free to send us a request. Our details are available on PeeringDB.

For anyone interested, here’s a copy of the ‘peering personal’ presentation that I gave at the last IXManchester meeting. Hopefully I’ll see you at the next one!


Tom Hill, Network Engineer @ Melbourne