It’s been a long time coming: UltraFire v2, our new firewall, is ready to be tested in the field.

If you’re new to hosting, then essentially a firewall is the bit of the chain which protects the network and servers against unauthorised access.

To date, our existing UltraFire firewalls have served us well. They’re reliable and the way they’re set up means we can offer the benefits of a really high-end “Enterprise class” firewall product for free to all our customers.

However, they did have their drawbacks. Most notably, a lack of support for IPv6 and a slightly clunky UI which was becoming increasingly out of date.

UltraFire v2 improves on both these areas dramatically. 

The new firewall happily supports dual-stack IPv4 & IPv6!, which means we’re ready to support the new protocol in production.

Additionally, we’ve been working hard to create a simple but powerful user interface which will be available to everyone.

In short, we’ve used your feedback to create what we think is the best web-controlled firewall on offer by any hosting company. UltraFire v2 is developed completely in-house using only open source technology.

And, of course, it’ll be free and included in all our hosting packages.

But of course the proof is in the pudding. Inevitably, there will be tweaks and changes needed before we put UltraFire v2 into production. And we need your help to do that.

So, starting today, we’re opening a limited time beta to any of our customers who’d like to sign-up. If you’re interested in testing our new firewall, experimenting with deployment or just want to see what it looks like, then get involved.

All you have to do is leave a comment below, email your account manager or raise a support ticket. Just get in touch and we’ll sort it out for you 🙂

Once you have access, it should be pretty straightforward. We’re using UserEcho to handle your feedback during the beta, so just click the feedback tab and let us know how it’s going.

Following the beta, we’ll be putting UltraFire v2 into production. Initially new servers will be put on the platform as standard, but eventually we’ll migrate everyone to the new firewall. We’ll be in touch individually about how this will work, but our plan is to make it happen “auto-magically”…

In the meantime, sign-up to the beta if you fancy flirting with the new platform. After all, you should always use protection when you play…

Rob @ Melbourne