30 September 2016

NuBlue Web Solutions

The important thing for us as a client of Melbourne’s is that they’ve always been onto the issue as soon as they’ve discovered it’s happened, which is immediately.

Tell us about your relationship with Melbourne.

We’ve used Melbourne since 2005. We’ve always been very happy and impressed with their service and services, and we’re continuing to use them and expand them in the future.

Do you use Melbourne servers or do you take rack space and use your own servers?

We use a variety of services from Melbourne. We initially started with one of our own servers which we co-located with them. From then we began to lease hardware from them for various options. As we’ve moved forward and grown as a company ourselves, we’re now using a mix. We are using our own hardware in their rack space for the majority of our offerings, but we also still continue to lease servers through them.

Unlike many Server Hosting providers, Melbourne actually owns their data centres, as opposed to taking space in someone else’s. Is it important to you that your provider has their own facilities?

Melbourne own their data centres, which to us is vital. When we’re leasing something from somebody else, we need to have the confidence that it’s theirs.

The same is true with the equipment we co-locate with Melbourne. We need to have the confidence that where they’re actually hosting it, they’re also in full control of it.

So what about reliability? What about outages? Have you had any issues like that?

Throughout the five years we’ve been with them we’ve had no major issues. We have had a variety of minor issues and for any internet based company, let alone any company at all, it’s entirely impossible to have a 100% record.

The important thing for us as a client of Melbourne’s is that they’ve always been onto the issue as soon as they’ve discovered it’s happened, which is immediately.

They’ve always told us what’s happening at the time, or at the very least have told us exactly what’s happened afterwards, whether we’ve noticed that something has gone on or not.

So do they ever phone you up and try and sell you something?

Melbourne have never, to my knowledge at least anyway, called me or any of my staff or colleagues to sell us anything. If they have called us, they only call us whenever there’s some support tickets or something that we’ve purchased and there’s a question that they want to ask.

So we don’t get sales calls, we don’t get cold calls, but we do still contact them and are contacted by them for entirely sensible reasons.

You mentioned about support tickets. So say you phone up or you email, does anybody take it, or is there a structure, and then would you say that people take ownership of it…How does it work?

Generally when one issue is raised it’s always the same engineer who comes back. Obviously, there are some exceptions to that. Somebody may not be in that day and somebody else will pick it up, but by and large if you raise an enquiry with somebody it’s the same person that deals with it until completion, which is quite handy if you want to actually telephone to talk about an issue.

There’s a definite sense of ownership. Also, there’s a definite sense that it’s the same group of people who are dealing with all your issues. So if you get a response from someone who’s dealt with issues from you before, you feel confident he’s going to deal with them again and you’re happy contacting him if there’s anything you want to talk to him about.

Great. So one thing that they are very keen on is obviously in the data centres double redundancy for everything…

Yes. Redundancy and branded servers are vital, we believe in as a company. The redundancy certainly is vital. We’re an internet based company and Melbourne are an internet based provider. So to know that should a single uplink go down, should a server go down, should a component go down, should a cable go down, to know that there is at least one, if not more than one back up in place, you need to have it. It’s not even a case that it’s reassuring. If it’s not there then it’s not worth bothering with.

So what would you say to other companies who are looking around, looking for the sort of services that Melbourne can offer? What would you say to them?

If there are companies looking around for the services Melbourne have to offer, then I would happily recommend having a good look at Melbourne, to be honest with you.

We have looked at other data centres in and around Manchester – not because we’re unhappy with Melbourne but just as a comparison – and we’ve not seen anything that’s convinced us that there’s any reason why we would want to move from Melbourne.

We find that their pricing is very fair and reasonable. There’s no hidden extra costs. Everything is all explained.

The quality of service also is exceptional. You always feel that you can contact somebody there. There’s a variety of people, from somebody who is in the finance department, somebody who is your account manager, somebody who is higher up in the company, who maybe isn’t anything to do with your issues but they’re all still eager to talk to you.

I’ve never been turned away on a telephone for a phone call. I’ve always had a call back. So I would say if you’re looking for a quality service, if you’re looking for reassurance that it will continue to be a quality service, and if you’re looking to be able to speak to a knowledgeable human being at the end of the phone for any aspect of your issues, I would and will continue to recommend Melbourne based on the five years of service we have had from them.