A few people have written their thoughts on the passing of Mark Cadwaladr. These are just a few of my own experiences with him that I want to share.

I originally met Mark as a customer of Melbourne’s. As Digital Technology Manager, he was my point of contact at PZ Cussons. Mark immediately struck me as a very outgoing and intelligent person – not afraid to say what he thought, but backing it up with a positivity which I admired.

As often happens within our close-knit industry, we quickly built up a friendship – he’d often send me a link to his Dropbox account to show me what he was listening to that day, and I knew he was reading and commenting on my tweets!

We’d have regular chats about music, fashion, the buttoning up of his outrageous shirts, which trainers he ‘needed’ and football amongst other things.

I know for a fact that he loved his young son and daughter very much as he had no problem telling me the things he’d be doing with them such as taking them swimming each weekend.

Mark was also very enthusiastic about the social scene within the digital industry and keen to be part of it. We’d often meet at events like Northern Digitals and Twitfaced, both great social events and a way to get to know others we might work with. He also recently took part in the Salford School of Art and Design degree show with Northern Soho and Northern Digitals and presented some students with prizes for their work.

Like me, he was also a huge film fan. When I mentioned a few of us where planning a trip to the cinema to watch The Avengers, he was the first guy there. We also talked about watching a film called ‘The Raid’ which I hadn’t heard of until he told me about it. I regret not arranging to see it with him now. I know he would have been joining us for The Dark Knight Rises this summer.

Another thing we had in common is running. He took great pride in telling me the story of how he got into running as a hobby: he and his friend had a late night chat about doing something ambitious like a 10k run for charity. But this had always been the last thing on Mark’s agenda – he’d suffered with chronic asthma since his school days. The next day his friend informed him that he’d enrolled him for the Great Manchester 10k run so he knew he couldn’t back out of it! He visited his doctor who prescribed new medication to help with his breathing that, according to Mark, “changed his life”.

In preparation for the 10k, he’d regularly use the treadmill at his work and (after some convincing!) joined a few of us on a run one Tuesday evening. A week later he completed the 10k run  in 1 hour 8 minutes. He was stoked that he’d managed to do it while raising over £340 for The Wellspring in Stockport. (photo)

I wanted to share this because, for me, this was Mark – always willing to get involved, to be part of my social life and to get involved in anything he could that was going on in Manchester. Mark was more than a colleague, he was a friend and while I’d like to say that I knew a lot about him, I’m sure there is a lot I didn’t. Hopefully by sharing our memories of Mark, we’ll all know a bit more about him and remember the hugely positive impact he had on all our lives.

Our thoughts are with his family, his friends and all at PZ Cussons.

Chris Marsh