16 August 2012

Melbourne joins iomart

I’m writing to you today to announce that Melbourne is now part of iomart Group plc! I know you’ll have some questions about this exciting news so I hope to address some of them here. First and foremost…

What changes for me as a customer?

Very little.

Melbourne’s going to continue as an ‘independent’ entity and you’ll continue to get the same caring, customer-focused attitude from our staff that you’ve come to know and love.

Importantly, our data centres are staying intact and our staff will continue to work from our Manchester office.

We’ll have access to some higher-end products that we’ve been unable to offer up to now, but don’t worry, we’re not going to try to sell them to you unless you want them; you know that’s not our style 🙂

We’ll also use iomart’s considerable technical expertise and experience to improve our own products to offer an even better level of service.

Why’s Melbourne been sold? Why now?

I started Melbourne back in 2000 from my bedroom. Over the last 11+ years I’ve enjoyed every minute of watching Melbourne grow to the 30-strong team that we now are, with responsibility increasing at each stage.

I realised earlier this year that I needed the help of people who know how to take Melbourne to the next level. As you may know, my co-director (and step-dad) Vic Collins passed away earlier this year which left me feeling very lonely running Melbourne by myself.

Melbourne, our staff and customers means a heck of a lot to me and I’ll be sticking around for a while to ensure a smooth transition.

Why iomart?

When looking for a new owner for Melbourne, there were a number of companies I knew I could never sell to, which made the list of potential suitors quite small.

As I got to know iomart, I realised that we shared a lot of values.

I definitely realised they would be the right fit for Melbourne when I met their CEO, Angus, in their boardroom one Friday afternoon, him wearing shorts + t-shirt: I never expected a CEO of a PLC to make me feel over-dressed!

I do think we’ll be able to show them a thing or two about how to design their offices though 🙂

What if I’ve got concerns?

If you’re worried about how this affects you (you shouldn’t be), please email me directly at daniel@melbourne.co.uk and I’ll get back to you personally. Angus, CEO of iomart is also more than happy to chat with you about any concerns you may have – drop me a line if you want to be put in touch.

Download the full press release.