Melbourne is now ISO 22301 certified in Business Continuity Management!

Following a rigorous assessment, we’re pleased to announce that Melbourne is now ISO 22301 certified, an upgrade from the previous BS 25999 standard.

iso logoThe new ISO 22301 standard certifies that we have a system in place to identify and assess the risks and the potential impacts of a major disruption, such as fire or flood. It also proves that we’ve put in place sensible precautions for risks we have identified as worth mitigating against, and that we document progress against these actions.

So what’s the difference between the old and new standards?

They are largely similar, however the ISO 22301 standard has more requirements businesses must meet…

  • There are more explicit requirements placed on senior management to be proactively involved in implementing business continuity plans.
  • There’s more emphasis on internal and external communication, both during normal business and during a disruption.
  • There’s an increased focus on the setting of measurable objectives and performance evaluation. 

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