customer-satIt’s that time of the year when we ask you what you think about what we do for you in our annual customer survey.

Well I’m happy to report that for the second year running, 97% of you have said you are happy with us!

What’s so good about this is that when Melbourne was acquired by iomart last summer, a few of you were understandably nervous about how that would impact on the service we provide.

With these latest results, it’s clear that little has changed. We’re still a friendly, customer-focused company and that’s reflected in many of the comments you made in the survey. In fact 94% of you said you would be very happy to recommend us to a friend or colleague (don’t forget, there’s a bottle of wine with your name on it if you do!).

The main question we asked was, ‘Overall, how satisfied are you as a customer?’ You said:

Completely Happy: 51%
Very Happy : 40%
Just OK: 6%
A bit Unhappy: 3%
Very Unhappy: 0%

As ever there were some detailed answers to the more in-depth questions we asked and I’ll be discussing the suggestions you made with the relevant teams to get them implemented where possible.

We know you’ve all got busy lives, so thanks again for taking the time to give us your feedback. It’s very much appreciated and will influence what we do over the coming months.

There’s just one suggestion you made that we can’t act on though – We can’t clone our staff! 

Rob @ Melbourne