As an iomart Group company, Melbourne benefits from being connected to a fibre network that spans 8 data centre locations across the UK. We thought you might like to know about the significant capital investment we have just made in upgrading our network to guarantee greater resilience and to future proof against expected growth in our clients’ Internet traffic.

We are currently installing two of the latest Cisco ASR 9912 Routers to meet the high data demand we expect to be placed on our network, putting us on a par with some of the big Internet transit carriers. The new routers give us 4 times as much port density as was previously available. Greater switch port density boosts network performance by allowing simultaneous transmissions of data and increasing the bandwidth or volume of information that can be transferred. We will now be able to switch 2 Tbps of bi-directional traffic – that’s equivalent to transferring a full 1 Gb movie in a fraction over 4 seconds.

We have also sited one of the routers in an Internet exchange point in Slough, outside London and the M25, to provide greater resilience for our network in the event of a major incident in the capital.

This network improvement programme will also allow us to peer directly with the major capitals of Europe without the need to route traffic via London, resulting in reduced Internet latency on these routes.

By investing in high density, high performance aggregation services routers at the core and edge of access to our network means we will have unprecedented density and scale to cope with the forthcoming data tsunami that is predicted by industry analysts.

With cyber security at the forefront of everyone’s minds, we have now have the ability to absorb much larger amounts of attack data via our Arbor DDoS Peakflow platform and deliver clean traffic out to our customers without affecting their services.

Angus MacSween, CEO of iomart, says: “This is another significant investment by iomart giving us the big network we need to meet the ever greater data demands of business. It will give us the capacity to carry huge amounts of traffic out to the Internet from our data centres. Few hosting companies of our size are making investments like this but we want our customers to know that it doesn’t matter how much video, mobile or file data they are creating, we can handle it for them.”

This current investment takes our service to a level usually reserved for the Tier 1 telecoms providers. The economies of scale this will deliver in terms of traffic routed and the ability to provision private interconnects UK wide, will be of benefit to every customer, regardless of size, in the coming months and beyond.

As always, if you’ve got any questions get in touch with us.