With cloud technology becoming the norm for the delivery of IT services and applications, it’s opening up a range of opportunities for organisations to take advantage of the many benefits of cloud computing.

It’s also presenting traditional IT providers with significant challenges, including:

  • Maintaining customers in a rapidly changing environment
  • Lack of internal staff qualified and experienced with the cloud
  • More cloud-advanced competitors targeting their customer base
  • Pressure from customers themselves looking to take advantage of the cloud

With recent research suggesting that 90% of organisations are looking to increase or at least maintain their cloud spending in the next year, it’s becoming clear that IT providers who don’t diversify their services are going to be increasingly left behind and find that their customers are going elsewhere.

So what can be done? Rather than view cloud adoption and growth as a negative, IT providers can instead view it as an opportunity to keep control of their customers in a changing world. One of the quickest and simplest ways of achieving that, and adding a portfolio of cloud services to their capabilities, is to partner with an existing cloud services provider (CSP), such as iomart.

Working with a CSP meets many of the challenges faced by those traditional IT providers:

  • Allows them to offer cloud solutions to their customers
  • Meets the changing requirements and demands of the market
  • Plugs the skills/knowledge gap by taking advantage of the CSP’s staff
  • Enables them to maintain control of their vital customer relationships
  • Avoids the cost of building and maintaining their own data centres

Choosing the right CSP is important – there needs to be confidence in the security and compliance of their data centres, in the quality of the hardware used to build their cloud platform, comprehensive Service Level Agreements and transparency of the geographical location of the customer data.

iomart’s White Label Partner Program allows our network of resellers to offer a range of cloud services based within our data centre network – meeting the challenges of the cloud-first age. With tiered online Control Panels, the end user customers only ever interact with their IT provider – securing those all-important relationships.

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