The results from our annual customer survey are in and we’re pleased to announce that 99% of our customers said that they’re happy with our service!

Not only that but 99% said they’d consider recommending us to others.

We got lots of helpful suggestions on how we can improve Melbourne which have resulted in the following changes…

  • We’ve put brand spanking new KVM trollies in our Reynolds data centre
  • Wifi is now operational in both data centres.
  • We’re implementing two factor authentication for login to our support system for additional security.
  • We’re looking at developing a new online order system, we don’t have a launch date yet but we’ll keep you updated.

And since we’re never happy until our customers are 100% satisfied we even complied with some other, rather strange, requests including sending one person cake, another person whisky and cloning our very popular techie Phil Stott (seriously, see below photo for proof).


And once again, thanks to everyone who helped us out with the survey!


PS. Here are some of the lovely things our customers said about us when we asked them what their favourite thing is about Melbourne…

“I think that service is the most important thing about a company, whenever I’ve contacted Melbourne support I have always received the best response and action time.”

“You know the staff by name.”

“How tidy my rack looks after you were finished.”

“We’ve had very open and honest support, even when problems occur, you’re honest and there’s no attempt to cover things up.”

“I can talk to people who know me and seem interested in my world.”

“Stability of uptime, and expert support.”

“They offer genuine support and go over and above other hosting providers.”

“The support team is fantastic, on hand 24/7 and always helpful with the advice.”

“Generally good communication and a genuine desire to help with issues, even offering advice when slightly beyond their remit.”

“Rarely have network issues and you advise customers when you do instead of keeping it quiet and hoping nobody will notice like some hosting companies do.”