Are you being held back by out-dated infrastructure? Have your servers and hosts reached end of life? If the answer to these questions is yes then you are not alone. How to deal with ageing infrastructure is one of the biggest challenges being faced by manufacturers today. 

In a sector where the pressure for digital innovation is intense and where AI is on the tip of everyone’s tongue, many manufacturers are stuck with a dilemma – under pressure to embrace digital technologies to improve supply chain efficiency, yet without the resources to move forward. They want to be lean and streamline processes but don’t have the IT platform to support their ambitions. 

According to research organisation IDC, only a third of manufacturers who have invested in transforming their digital operations are realising the full potential. Everyone else in the sector is being held back by outdated business models and technology.

Do these three challenges ring true for your manufacturing business?

  1. Buying new hardware is costly and requires up front expense and long-term commitment to using equipment that could become outdated too soon.
  2. In-house staff might not have the skills to properly maintain a new or upgraded IT infrastructure or implement new cloud solutions.
  3. The business wants its IT staff to focus on developing new ways to improve efficiency rather than wasting time ‘keeping the lights on.’

Modernising business processes requires support from a robust infrastructure. One of the ways to ease the tension is to explore the possibilities that cloud can offer. It is not necessarily about moving full-scale to the cloud but instead, understanding what value a third party resource could bring.

Here are some of the reasons why you might consider using a cloud provider:

  • They take responsibility for the data centres and servers
  • They employ expert technical staff to secure, support and upgrade services 24/7
  • They invest in operating to the latest regulatory and industry standards
  • You pay only for the resources you use
  • You can scale up and down according to demand
  • You free up your IT team to work on value-adding business projects

It doesn’t matter what size of manufacturing business you are – cloud can add value. If you want out of the IT business and in to future efficiency, the time to talk is now.

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