Career development is really important to us at iomart. We take real pride in helping our people to grow and are always delighted when a member of staff moves on within our business.

Meet Jonathan Mosca, who recently won promotion to Technical Team Lead. Jonathan had spent over a decade working in IT before he joined the iomart support team in February last year.

Tell us about your iomart journey so far

I joined iomart as a VIP engineer (Tech 3).

Here I am on my first day with fellow new starts (that’s me in the middle at the back).

New starts iomart Feb 27 20202

My role involved performing technical tasks remotely or on site in our Glasgow data centre to ensure high quality of service for iomart’s customers. My days were busy troubleshooting systems faults, implementing patches, configuring firewalls, managing physical equipment, virtual systems management, and much more.

Over the months I developed a close working relationship with many customers as I learned their platforms, and with my engineering colleagues. It has been an exciting and often challenging place to work.

In previous jobs I’ve gained experience at management level so when I saw the position open to become a Technical Team Lead, I felt that my background and experience would be a perfect fit.

Why did you want to work for iomart?

I wanted to work for iomart because it is a Scottish-headquartered company which gives you the opportunity to grow as it grows. The variety of technical expertise and systems that you get to work with is very impressive.

What does your new role entail?

My new role focusses on liaising between our customers and iomart’s technicians. I’m responsible for making sure our customers’ requirements are best met and that our employees are looked after.

Managing any incidents and communicating issues from senior management to our technicians and vice versa is also a big part of the job. On top of that, I sometimes need to pull up my sleeves and help out managing the ticketing queue when it gets particularly busy.

Why do you feel you were successful in gaining your promotion?

I feel I was successful for a number of reasons. I’m a hard worker and I’m comfortable handling difficult situations. I enjoy a challenge and the combination of management, technical, and customer support work is ideal for me. My background as a data centre manager and as a technician and manager in the US military and NATO were also helpful.

How have you found the transition in to your new role?

I moved into my new role in September so we were already doing a lot of our work both remotely and at a distance in the data centres when necessary. In terms of becoming a Technical Team Lead, getting used to managing incidents and ensuring that our technicians are both well looked after and working to their potential has been challenging but a great experience.

What is your favourite thing about working for iomart?

The friendships I’ve made and overcoming challenges I’ve faced. I feel like the company is listening to its people and is moving forward as a place to work and as a business. I do feel that it’s an exciting time to be with iomart.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

I tend to be just as busy as when I am working!Jonathan Mosca v2

I’ve got three kids ranging from two to 20 years old, so I enjoy my time with them as much as I can.

I’m also currently studying for a PhD in archaeology, and I spend a lot of time hiking up Scotland’s hillforts, digging and flying drones. I’m a language nerd and I study those for fun. I’m studying Portuguese now, my 13th language.

I’m a bit of a musician as well, playing the guitar or whistle (I played in a folk band several years ago) and love to travel abroad when possible. Whenever I really need to turn my mind off though, I play video games or watch movies.


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