We love welcoming people into the iomart family and, as we get ready for a brand new decade, we are as keen as ever to recruit new talent .

If you want to know what it’s like to work here and to go through our interview process, here’s account manager Craig Jones, who as you can see is a keen cyclist, to tell you more.

Craig Jones bike photo

What was it like starting work with iomart during the Covid crisis?

Moving to iomart was my first real job change and I never imagined it would have been such a smooth transition.  Obviously, the whole pandemic has been a challenge as I have spent 95% of my time working at home however, someone has always been on hand to help. From the day I started back in the autumn, it’s been fun and fast paced.  Regardless of the workload, if you want someone to call up for a bit of a chinwag and a laugh, it’s ok. I am lucky to work with some interesting clients and great colleagues too.

Tell us about working in the account management team

The team are great. They helped me settle in by buying me drinks on the first social we had (when we are allowed to socialise face-to-face) which always makes you feel welcome. Mind you, it didn’t take them very long to take the mick out of my “posh” tea drinking habits and my Manchester accent! Seriously though, they’ve been kind enough to give up a lot of their time to help me learn about iomart and the private cloud side of the business in particular.

How did you find the recruitment process and what was it like interviewing remotely?

It’s actually much easier doing interviews virtually, less nerve wracking and good because you don’t have to travel.  The process was really efficient. I had to go through three stages – an initial call, an interview and then a presentation.  It was a good opportunity for me to meet different people from across the business and get a feel for what iomart was really all about.  I bought into the company straight away as I could see there was a real drive to take it to another level and I was excited to be a part of that.

What has been your best moment since joining iomart?

This has to be the time I met my team for the first time at iomart’s London office and going out afterwards.  They were very welcoming and I could tell from the off that they were going to be on hand to support me throughout my time here.  It was also reassuring to learn that they are a good laid-back bunch who are easy to get on with.  Other than that, I have really enjoyed reaching out to my new clients and learning more about their businesses and goals for the future.  I am lucky to have a great set of clients in my portfolio.

What advice would you give to someone who was thinking of joining iomart?

 I would say relax and be yourself during the interview process because iomart is an organisation with a family feel.  Research private cloud and hosted infrastructure services beforehand, mostly because it is very interesting, also it will show you how exciting this space is and how much the model is helping businesses flourish.  Finally, be prepared to join an ambitious company which presents itself with different challenges every single day.

 I would also tell them to speak to as many different people across different departments as possible and build those internal relationships, as it’s very much a team game.  There are some great people across the business who have big plans.

Craig Jones bike photo 2What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

 Anyone who knows me knows I’m really into my cycling.  Just before lockdown, I cycled the Pirinexus, a 300km ride that starts in Gerona in Spain, heads through the Pyrenees into France, and then loops back to Gerona.  When the UK came out of its first lockdown, I did a 500km cycle from Manchester to Bristol taking the scenic route around the Welsh coast and camping by the roadside.  Every New Year I try to calculate how many cycle trips I can squeeze in whilst still having enough time to go away with my wife. 

It’s too cold for cycling now so I’ve taken up running, my worst mistake! I’ve become obsessed with beating my times on those running apps which makes every run I do even more unpleasant than it already is.


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