The UK’s enablement of business in the cloud has come under fire again this week after the former CTO of BT Peter Cochrane bemoaned this country’s lack of investment in Superfast broadband. He claimed in a BBC radio interview that the Internet of Things and Smart Cities just would not happen because of our poor download and upload capabilities and speeds.

It is clear that the cloud is ready for business in the UK but the means of connecting to it still fall short especially when you compare the bandwidth and speeds available in other countries.
This is why, as a leading cloud service provider, iomart has prioritised investment in high capacity network connectivity to help businesses overcome the problems that many of them have in connecting to the cloud in our data centres.

We have a 1860km high speed, high capacity, dark fibre network which connects our data centre locations and links them to the main UK Internet exchanges, giving connectivity which is way above the industry average. Our network, which is provided under a 10 year agreement with Geo Networks (now part of bandwidth infrastructure provider Zayo Group), is fast and resilient. It allows our customers to move huge amounts of data at the highest speeds wherever they are located. Essentially it allows us to control the underlying optical fibre and guarantee quick transfer speeds for our customers, making packet loss and unreliability a thing of the past.

In terms of the capacity our network gives you to move data? Well, it’s massive. Each wavelength can carry 100Gb/s of traffic and the platform itself can support 40 of these wavelengths. Do the maths and that’s a lot. So if you need high performance access to your website or you live stream for example, we can offer you the right package to help your business cope with the current data explosion.

If we are to truly make the cloud the default for businesses and organisations in the UK then faster connections are a must to support content delivery wherever you are based.

To find out more visit our network services page or watch this video.