This year’s International Women’s Day gives us the chance to celebrate the women who work at iomart.

The theme for 2020 is that an equal world is an enabled world. The technology sector continues to grow and in our industry, cloud computing, we are always looking for talented young people who want to develop their careers.  Here are just two of the many paths that talented women have taken to work for us.

Meet Jane, our Director of Human Resources.


Jane came to us from the oil and gas industry, a tough working environment in any circumstances. She was just 22 years old when she started work with an offshore contractor in Aberdeen in the north east of Scotland – very much ‘a man’s world’.

“I didn’t actually do anything that remarkable during this time but as a young female, conducting fairly challenging conversations during a significant period of organisational change, and with a very militant unionised workforce (and some occasions where there were no female facilities on-board), it certainly prepared me for the challenges that lay ahead in my career.  I can honestly say that has been the most challenging part of my career so far!  Clearly you become more experienced over time and deal with things differently, but I learnt a huge amount during that time and genuinely don’t believe I would have had the success I’ve had since then, without that experience.”

Today, as well as managing the HR team at iomart, Jane is also a member of our senior leadership team, helping to drive the company forward. “The desire to do the right thing always empowers me, both in and out of work,” she says. “I always try to understand the bigger picture and not get caught up in the ‘noise’. My focus is on the long term output and this really keeps me focussed and empowered.”   

The many and varied projects that we deliver for our customers require significant planning and a lot of the responsibility for that falls onto our project management teams.

Meet Shannon, our Senior Project Manager.


Shannon started her career as a software engineer designing, developing, deploying and supporting web applications for a global technology company. She then taught Management Information Systems and Systems Analysis and Design in her home country of Ireland. However the processes used to deliver the projects fascinated her and she trained as what we call a ‘scrum master’ and then made the move to Scotland to work for a global bank, managing HR and payroll project delivery. Today she is focussed on delivering projects for iomart’s customers – which can range from a backup solution to a full blown private or hybrid cloud.  

“My role involves progressing a multitude of customer projects,” she explains. “I can be involved at a variety of stages, from agreeing scope of work with a customer at the start of a project, to managing the flow of work right through to completion. I am also a point of escalation for other project managers at iomart.”

Project management is very much focussed on teamwork in order to meet the timescales set and in Shannon’s case it’s all about delivering high-value outcomes. “There’s a real sense of team spirit and collaboration,” she explains. “My job is all about meeting target dates and helping the team to complete project tasks on time.”    

These are just two of the career stories from the women who work at iomart.

If you would like to know more about the roles available please check out our careers page and get in touch.