Our customers will know that on Wednesday we were running on generator power in one of our data centres following a routine annual inspection by Electricity Northwest which detected a potential fault on the incoming electrical supply to Reynolds House.

The issue required the building supply to be isolated, which was facilitated by a controlled failover to on site generators. It turned out to be a failed locking nut on a tripping coil solenoid and once the repair was completed we were back on live mains by the afternoon. But not to worry, there was no impact on customers as our generators have enough fuel to allow us to run for extended periods without power.

However, these things do get us wondering what would happen if we hadn’t discovered this issue before it became a problem?

If the failed component had caused a power outage then yes, we’d still have backup power. But, what if the generators didn’t work? Unlikely but if we didn’t carry out regular maintenance checks we could be in trouble.

So what do we check?

On a regular basis we inspect and check the following critical systems:


Regular Maintenance Checks

Fire Suppression System

Backup Generator

Air Conditioning

Fire Extinguishers

Emergency Lighting

Smoke Detection System

UPS/PDU (Power) Systems


This list isn’t exhaustive as there’s a lot to keep on top of but what we’re trying to get across is that it’s a full time job managing a data centre. It’s important to us that we’re in control of our own infrastructure as it means our customers can have complete confidence in our ability to keep them online.

Our full maintenance schedule is available to view for existing customers, just ask your Account Manager.