Prevent data disaster - iomart.jpgIT failure doesn’t just affect your IT department. It can have a massive impact on your day-to-day operations.

One of the UK’s top universities found this out to its cost recently. Kings College London suffered a significant hardware failure and, according to reports, the resulting outage affected everything from locking potential students out of its application portal; flooring the telephone systems; to interrupting important clinical tests. It took the Kings IT team a whole week to recover the stricken systems.

Last week, a fire at the US headquarters of Ford temporarily stopped the car giant receiving and processing its sales data. Imagine how many more incidents like these are taking place every week but don’t happen to make the headlines.

For institutions and businesses like this, fast recovery is of the essence to minimise the damage. Days, hours and even minutes of downtime carry huge cost. You might be based in an area regularly affected by adverse weather, you might be worried about potential cyberattacks, or you might just be worried that accidents do often happen. Either way an alternative, secure data centre in which to keep a copy of your data and a quick route to recovering your entire IT systems will help should disaster strike.  

These are some of the questions you should be asking your organisation:

  • What external impact would an IT failure have?
  • How long could we continue to operate if our data centre went down?
  • How long would we be prepared to wait to recover our systems?
  • How would we reassure our users or customers?

For any organisation, let alone an educational institution, the consequences of losing critical and confidential user and customer data doesn’t bear thinking about. Bricks and mortar can be rebuilt, zeros and ones present a much more complicated challenge.

As IT becomes more embedded in business strategy and data security dominates more boardroom agendas, it pays to have an agreed executive approach to backup and disaster recovery to bring reassurance and greater guarantees for business continuity.

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