For most of our customers, demand is fairly predictable. If you know when your site is going to be busy you can plan ahead and buy in additional resource, but many retailers don’t have that luxury.

When an unexpected feature on a prime time TV show or a single Instagram post can take a website down, eCommerce Managers and agencies need to get smarter about how they’re managing their websites.

Creating A Flexible Solution

We’re still seeing mass adoption of ‘the cloud’ and we don’t expect that to slow down any time soon. Public cloud services such as AWS and Azure are growing in popularity due to the simplicity and ease with which you can spin up a server and go. They offer an almost infinitely scalable platform (budget permitting of course!) with mechanisms built in to allow you to scale up and down with ease. But what happens when you’ve got weighty private infrastructure already in place?

The good news is that you can integrate the two to form your own ‘hybrid cloud’ but, unless you’re pretty technical, this can be complicated. Projects involving re-architecting applications for the cloud or phasing out of end of life infrastructure can tricky when your experience with public cloud is limited. The risk of over or under provisioning can result in unexpected bills or unnecessary overspend.

More often than not you will need the help of a consultant to support you in your cloud migration strategy. This sounds expensive but in the long run it may mean that you won’t need to pay for excess capacity you’re not using year round.

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