“ISO, ISO, ISO” sounds like the sort of phrase you might hear from a quality standards officer in our industry.

ISO is the International Organization for Standardization and is appropriately the agency that sets and polices international management standards.

 The ISO standards that the organisation creates are important in ensuring that a company’s products and services meet regulatory requirements and are updated periodically as processes and technologies change.

One of the most important and popular standards it has created is ISO 9001, the international standard for quality management systems. It was first published in 1987 and iomart has long operated to the last update which was 9001:2008. The standard has now been revised and updated to ISO 9001:2015.

So what are the benefits of the new version? ISO 9001:2015 puts the emphasis on risk-based thinking and increases the responsibilities of the leadership of an organisation to maintain customer satisfaction and meet statutory and regulatory requirements.

As Kevin McKinley Acting Secretary General of the ISO Central Secretariat, explains, “The world has changed, and this revision was needed to reflect this. Technology is driving increased expectations from customers and businesses.”

While there is a three year transition window, iomart is already working to move to this new version as soon as possible. Steve Flockhart, Compliance Manager for iomart, says, “As a publicly listed company and one that is responsible for protecting mission- critical data and IT infrastructure on behalf of our customers, iomart takes its responsibilities very seriously. We have already begun the process of upgrading to the new version of ISO 9001 to add to the wide-range of accreditations that we carry to ensure we operate to the highest standards.”

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