29 September 2016


We’ve been very happy with the way the commercial deal has been set up, and the way it’s handled on a day-to-day basis.

What sort of services does your company buy from Melbourne?

Initially from Melbourne we took three servers. We took two on as web servers and one as a database server, and we’ve recently added to that with a further fourth server for terminal services.

What’s your impression been of the service that you’ve been getting out of Melbourne?

We’ve been very happy with the service that we’ve got from Melbourne. They’re a very easy to work with company. We’ve been very happy with the way the commercial deal has been set up, and the way it’s handled on a day-to-day basis.

You mentioned that Melbourne is one of the companies that you use, so I guess you have a fair understanding of what the market’s like in the area, what people are offering, the sort of prices, the sort of SLAs. What led you to Melbourne?

We chose Melbourne primarily for three reasons. The first was a recommendation from our sister company, so that was the starting point. That obviously got Melbourne on our list for potential providers.

Going forward when we looked at the costs and the service that Melbourne would offer.  The costs were very competitive. The pricing was very flexible. What they were offering was very flexible in terms of it’s not a package.

And finally, It’s a local company and we’re based in Bolton which is about 15 miles away, half an hour, so in the initial stages trying to get the service up and running we needed to come in and put data onto the servers, so it was a practical reason as well. Some of the other providers we were looking at were London based, which would have been a bit of a barrier.

That I understand. Now of course Melbourne have their own servers, their own data centre. Was that a consideration?

I don’t think it would be of explicit consideration we would take in choosing a provider, but of course I think it’s very important that a hosting provider does have their own hardware, otherwise you’d just feel as though you were dealing with a middle man, essentially, so we would tend to move away from that and go for somebody with their own data centres.

What about the network speeds, what about the up time, and what about outages? What’s your experience been to date?

We’ve never had any issues with network speeds. There have been a few issues that have cropped up. Naturally these things sort of happen with technology, but the way that things have been dealt with and communicated to us has been very good and we’ve never really had any need to call upon the service level agreement or get into any sort of issues with Melbourne.

So generally it’s been quite a happy relationship. So when you have phoned up or raised tickets, what’s the response been like?

Response from Melbourne is very good. They’ve recently changed the way things work slightly. They’ve implemented like a ticket system where you can raise issues and that kind of thing. Again, as I said, they’re very friendly, very open kind of company.

And have you had the hard sell from them ever?

No. No, Melbourne don’t do a hard sell. Again, this comes back to why we probably chose them in the first place. They were very, very flexible in their offering and weren’t very pushy in making us choose things that we did not need or didn’t suit our situation, and since we’ve been a customer of Melbourne they’ve never once pushed anything down our throats. We’re very happy with them.

What would you say to other companies in your situation? What would you say about Melbourne? Would it be a company that you could recommend?

Yes, we would recommend Melbourne. Obviously, everyone’s situation is different and has to be viewed with their own particular requirements, but we’ve found Melbourne to be very helpful, very cooperative and very flexible.