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In house security operations team

7 June 2022

How much does an in-house security operations team cost?

You’re likely here because you’ve heard about Security Operations Centres (SOCs). You might know of some businesses that have opted to build their own in-house. And you’ll likely know of some businesses that have outsourced that service to a cyber security provider. But the cyber security market is noisy. There are currently 1,4831 UK cyber ... How much does an in-house security operations team cost?

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23 October 2019

Improving and Maintaining Security in eCommerce | 2019

October is European Cyber Security Month! So what better time to review the steps you’re taking to keep your customers and brand safe online? We’ve put together our ultimate guide on how to improve, and then maintain, the security of your eCommerce websites.

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18 February 2016

New Vulnerability Affecting Linux

Details of a new vulnerability have recently been released that affects glibc (or eglibc) software packages for the majority of Linux distributions currently deployed. In short, glibc’s DNS client side resolver is vulnerable to a buffer overflow when specially crafted data is presented to the getaddrinfo() library function. Software using this function may be exploited ... New Vulnerability Affecting Linux

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