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28 March 2019

Why You Should Never Pay the Ransom

A message has popped up on your computer screen – a ransomware attacker is telling you that they’ve encrypted your data and you can only get it back if you pay them money.

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27 March 2019

Why Ransomware is Still a Threat

There was much talk at the start of this year about cryptojacking being the new cyber threat and ransomware being a threat of the past. Sadly that’s not the case, it’s still around and continuing to cause serious damage.

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28 June 2017

Does the Threat of Cyber-Attacks Make You WannaCry?

The consequences of the second global ransomware attack in two months are still being felt today. IT teams at some of the world’s biggest companies have been battling ransomware which seems to have emanated from a software update mechanism for accounting software that is widely used in Ukraine.

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15 May 2017

Turn Your Top Ransomware Threat – Your Staff – Into Your Best Defence

Although a flaw in Windows was behind it, we don’t know yet how the global ransomware attack that caused chaos across the NHS in the UK was physically triggered. It may well be that it started the way most ransomware attacks do – with an unsuspecting member of staff clicking on an email or attachment ... Turn Your Top Ransomware Threat – Your Staff – Into Your Best Defence

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