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20 November 2017

Your Disaster Recovery Checklist

Businesses and organisations of all sizes are deploying applications on virtualised IT infrastructures and in clouds. However, protecting these applications is challenging as traditional replication and disaster recovery (DR) solutions were not designed for virtualised data centres.

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20 September 2017

The Difference Between Backup and Disaster Recovery

The terms backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) are often misused and misunderstood when discussing the growing need to protect data and IT systems.  As security breaches become more commonplace it is important to understand the difference between the two. 

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9 September 2016

Microsoft’s UK data centres – the Implications

Earlier this week Microsoft revealed it had brought three new UK data centres online – one in London and the others in Durham and Cardiff. Until now, UK users of Microsoft cloud services have had to offshore their applications and data to their European data centres in Dublin and Amsterdam. The decision to open up ... Microsoft’s UK data centres – the Implications

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30 August 2016

CAPEX versus OPEX – Can You Actually Get The Best of Both Worlds?

When it comes to IT, the CAPEX versus OPEX debate is often reduced down to some pretty black and white arguments – a one off, large investment versus smaller, regular payments; or total control versus speed and agility. But are the options really as polarised as that? What if public sector organisations could keep the ... CAPEX versus OPEX – Can You Actually Get The Best of Both Worlds?

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12 July 2016

Taking Your First Steps to the Cloud

Cloud technology can give your IT efficiency, flexibility and speed. It can also help you save money. However it is not suitable in all circumstances or for all organisations.  

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31 May 2016

Enterprise Cloud – Your Guide to Success

The appetite for cloud services from Enterprise organisations is forecast to grow by almost a quarter in the next four years. As the demand for cloud services increases, it is essential that any move to the cloud is backed by a clear business strategy.   Reliability, flexibility, plus potential cost savings and efficiencies are all ... Enterprise Cloud – Your Guide to Success

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23 March 2016

Why Managed Hosting Translates as ‘Peace of Mind’

There’s no doubt that it is becoming increasingly challenging to manage IT infrastructure. There’s the growing complexity of delivering more services to support data hungry businesses; the push to take advantage of the flexibility that cloud services offer, plus there’s the continual attempt to keep budgets under control. The skills involved in managing all these ... Why Managed Hosting Translates as ‘Peace of Mind’

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