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15 July 2016

Pokemon Go…Then Stop…Then Go

After a painfully long wait Pokemon Go finally launched in the UK yesterday following server issues that had plagued the US launch since last week. It seems that Nintendo and Niantic hadn’t anticipated the viral success of their mobile app, leading to many gamers seeing the following message upon logging in…”Our servers are experiencing issues. ... Pokemon Go…Then Stop…Then Go

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18 February 2016

New Vulnerability Affecting Linux

Details of a new vulnerability have recently been released that affects glibc (or eglibc) software packages for the majority of Linux distributions currently deployed. In short, glibc’s DNS client side resolver is vulnerable to a buffer overflow when specially crafted data is presented to the getaddrinfo() library function. Software using this function may be exploited ... New Vulnerability Affecting Linux

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28 January 2015

Ghost Vulnerability Affecting Linux

You may have heard about a highly critical vulnerability called Ghost or Ghostbug (CVE-2015-0235) affecting most Linux distributions. This vulnerability is present in the glibc (or eglibc) software on nearly every Linux server currently deployed, and affects versions originally released from 2000-2013. This means that the bug is present in nearly every deployed Linux server, ... Ghost Vulnerability Affecting Linux

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26 September 2014

“Shellshock” Bash Vulnerability

You may have seen the news about the latest big vulnerability to hit unix systems, that has been dubbed “Shellshock”. It has been given a CVE ID of CVE-2014-6271 (and a follow-up of CVE-2014-7169). In short, versions of bash as far back as 1.14.0 (From July 1994!) up to 4.3 processes code after function definitions in the values of ... “Shellshock” Bash Vulnerability

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