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20 October 2021

What is a Managed WAN for Business?

What is a Wide Area Network (WAN)? Before we get into managed WAN, we better figure out what WAN is. No, it’s not Obi-Wan Kenobi’s lesser known sibling. Although WAN is a network of connections, much like the Force it is the energy that flows through all things and binds the universe, wait…

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14 October 2021

What is a Managed Firewall?

Imagine your business is a castle. You and all the people in the castle are terribly busy running things. I’m sure there are harvests to plan, and fires to stoke.

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22 September 2021

Advantages and disadvantages of dedicated server hosting

First of all, what is dedicated server hosting? Well, basically, it involves a hosting provider like iomart renting a single server, and the necessary resources, to one client. This allows the client to choose from two options. Option one, the client has exclusive use of the server and can choose to install the software they ... Advantages and disadvantages of dedicated server hosting

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17 September 2021

What is Hybrid Cloud?

When it comes to cloud architecture, there isn’t a one size fits all approach, because each business case is unique. Cloud architecture lets you decide where you want to store your data—whether that’s in the public cloud, private cloud, on-premise or hybrid. Not sure of the difference? We’ve got you covered.

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24 May 2021

Why is cyber security important for businesses?

Technology and the internet are integral to most businesses’ day-to-day processes in 2021. In fact, pretty much all business matters can now be carried out online, and at a time when everyone is working remotely, they normally are. It’s quick, cost-effective and efficient.

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22 February 2021

Supporting Cyber Scotland Week

iomart is delighted to be supporting Cyber Scotland Week 2021. Cyber Scotland Week is a fantastic opportunity for you to learn how to stay secure online, protect your business and make your employees cyber aware.

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