Private cloud service CAPEX versus public cloud services OPEXWhen it comes to IT, the CAPEX versus OPEX debate is often reduced down to some pretty black and white arguments – a one off, large investment versus smaller, regular payments; or total control versus speed and agility. But are the options really as polarised as that? What if public sector organisations could keep the control they want while enjoying the flexibility they need, all without having to commit huge amounts of up-front investment?

The dramatic growth of hyper cloud solutions AWS and Microsoft Azure can sometimes make it feel like they are the only game in town, but a private cloud solution can deliver everything organisations need, without any of the compromises of the hyper cloud.

So, a platform built specifically for you, to your exact specifications. A platform where you control consumption and therefore costs. Minimising risk, complete control and the very latest security. But a platform that doesn’t require capital investment and, crucially, a platform that can be quickly ramped up, or down, depending on usage and need.

That’s the great thing about the cloud. It adds value by allowing you to innovate and change business processes quickly. New projects can be up and running, from idea to deployment, in very short timescales, meaning public services are delivered as and when they are needed.

Instead of your organisation making the capital investment in the required infrastructure, your cloud provider takes that responsibility. They make the long-term investment in the data centre, the management and security of the services being provided and the skills of their staff to deliver to the highest standards. You get to transform your application delivery and eliminate unnecessary waste.

At iomart we offer our customers ‘the best of both worlds’ with our own dedicated private cloud to meet the toughest security challenges as well as a full managed service around the hyper cloud solutions.

By Colin Love, Head of Public Sector for iomart