Those that have done business with us before will know that we’re not the type to hard-sell, we believe in building relationships and showing how we work so that you can decide if we’re the right fit for you. To do this we concentrate on providing the best service we can, its quite simple.

I was recently asked to give a talk on this subject and what we do at Melbourne to grow the business, the title was ‘be nice to each other’ and I mostly went on about our wonderful home here at Melbourne… but what people perhaps weren’t expecting was why we decorated it the way we did. For me its about giving customers peace of mind that the staff here give a shit, that we have a sense of ownership and genuinely want to help.
Whether we wanted to or not, we’ve created a culture here and its still very much a family environment.

Thanks very much to Sarah and Karla from The Art of New Business for kindly asking me to join Adrian from Blueleaf, Simon Calderbank from Studio North and Brian Childs (Ex McCann) at The Hive, follow @TheArtOfNewBiz on twitter!

Photos of the event here.

And be nice to each other!

Chris Marsh
Head of All The Things Nobody Else Will Do