Historically secondary storage and data management has been done by the IT team, without the rest of the business paying much attention. The growing pressure to innovate has turned it into a high priority for every CIO.

In most organisations and businesses only about 20% of the data is actually used to keep them up and running. The rest – the secondary data – has the potential to provide valuable insight but is often stuck in disparate systems and silos across the IT environment, in data centres and in the cloud. 

That’s 80% of the information you could be getting value from essentially out of action and potentially at risk.

A year on from the implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) data visibility has also become a key element of the compliance process. One of the key requirements is to be able to collate information quickly in the event of a breach. Knowing where your data resides, particularly your sensitive data, is therefore essential.

Every time your IT team makes a copy of a dataset and moves it to a new location you reduce visibility and increase risk.  Do you even know how many copies have been made of your data and where they all are?

As well as being a security risk, data sprawl can be costly and complex to manage – it’s estimated that IT teams waste as much as four months of every year on secondary data management because they don’t have the right tools.  Keeping multiple copies can add to the total cost of ownership as more storage is needed as a result of potentially unnecessary duplication.

Data they say is the new oil but if you don’t know where it is you can’t use it to fuel innovation and growth. By getting on top of the issue of mass data fragmentation CIOs can ensure all the data in their organisation is a valuable resource in order to:

  • Ensure GDPR compliance
  • Make more informed business decisions
  • Reduce risk
  • Encourage growth

iomart have partnered with Cohesity to offer an evolutionary approach to secondary data storage and management, transforming the way companies backup, protect, manage, and extract valuable insights from their most important data.

Utilising Cohesity’s award-winning technology, we can instantly archive, file, restore and analyse all your secondary data and apps from multiple locations and clouds through a single hyperconverged platform, configured and managed by iomart 24/7.     

For more information on our data management as a service and our partnership with Cohesity click here