24 October 2012

A high-energy breakfast

“Hi. I’m Chris Marsh. You may remember me from such TV shows as BBC Breakfast…”

That’s how my colleague Chris will be introducing himself from now on. Thanks to our friends at Downtown in Business, we spoke to BBC Breakfast journalists last week about the impact of rising energy prices on businesses and growth. Watch the video below.

They spent a couple of hours with us, being shown around our offices and the datacentre. We explained how a datacentre works and the fact that a secure energy supply is crucial to maintaining our services. Of course, that all gets edited down to slot of 40 seconds, so the detail can sometimes get lost.

It’s important to say that, as we design, build and run our own datacentres, we’re not reliant on other providers who might pass on increases in the cost of energy. We have long-term energy agreements in place with electricity suppliers that ensure a consistent supply at agreed rates, allowing us to plan our usage and growth. Also, as our energy usage is such an important part of the business, we always try to use it in an intelligent and efficient way. Whether it’s being one of the first datacentres to embrace cold aisle containment (for which we we won a Big Chip Award in 2009), using low-voltage CPUs in our servers or using renewable energy where we have the choice – it all adds up. It’s also a core part of our commitment to the environment.

Naturally, if energy prices were lower, we could potentially grow at a quicker rate – that’s simple maths – but our strategy so far has been one of sustainable growth and everything we’ve put in place means we’re not affected in the same way by variations as domestic consumers can be.

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