Struggling under the weight of managing an ageing IT infrastructure? Fed up wasting money on expensive server hardware? Then it’s time to consider cloud computing. 

There are many advantages your business could gain from moving to the cloud, including both cost and operational efficiency.

We’ve picked out five key benefits of cloud computing so you can consider whether to join the rush of companies who’ve already successfully made the move.  


There are fewer issues using a cloud provider than there are maintaining your own IT infrastructure. They’ve invested in their data centres and in providing the so-called five 9s (99.999) or even 100% uptime in order to deliver the most reliable service to customers. They deal with any updates so you don’t have to. In fact they’re more likely to spot any issues before you’re even aware of them so you can just crack on with growing your business. 


Need more capacity? Scale up. Don’t need it anymore? Scale back down. The cloud gives you the flexibility to increase and decrease bandwidth as it’s required so your business can deal with the operational peaks and troughs of demand for its services. Not only does this help with costs, it can also provide a commercial advantage over competitors who are still reliant on more expensive on premise infrastructure.


Mobility is one of the biggest benefits of the cloud. Your workforce can work from anywhere there’s an internet connection. This can foster a climate of collaboration and creativity across different office locations and time zones. With documents stored centrally, there’s also greater control over who has access to them.


There’s no doubt that the cloud can save you money. There’s no expensive hardware investment or costly upgrades, plus you can allocate staff who are normally busy maintaining and monitoring your infrastructure to more important revenue generating IT projects. The way you pay – paying as you go for consuming only what you need – makes budgeting much more in the here and now. Plus, with less of a requirement for physical servers, the cloud offers more sustainable cost savings because it helps reduce your carbon footprint.


With the advent of the General Data Protection Regulation there is more focus on data security, data protection and privacy than ever before. Cloud providers have secure processes that can help support your GDPR compliance. Ensuring the physical security of their data centres and the virtual security of and access to the data running through them is a priority. And if you do still need to maintain an on premise function for regulatory purposes you still can with a secure hybrid cloud solution.


iomart delivers fully resilient, secure and highly available managed cloud services from data centres it owns and operates in the UK.

If you haven’t yet realised the benefits of the cloud and want to know more, get in touch to find out how iomart can help.